Estimator Training Manual

At Door and Glass Services Company in Tampa, FL we have been discussing how we might structure a training program for the estimator position. We think this should include the discussion of building codes that relate to the scopes of work that we normally perform in the capacity of a glazing contractor.
Building Codes Which Apply to Glazing

  • Accessibility
  • Bottom Rail Size
  • Threshold Height
  • Door Pull Shapes
  • Door Closer Power
  • Door Width (wheel chairs)
  • Building
  • Life Safety
  • Egress/Exit from Building
  • Safety Glass Requirements
  • ‘Safe’: Tempered and Laminated w/ inner layer > 0.03” and material
  • Not ‘Safe’: Annealed, Heat Strengthened, and laminated w/ inner Layer < 0.03”
  • Types of locking hardware
  • Number of doors in relation to occupancy
  • Sizes of doors in relation to occupancy
  • Wind Load
  • Impact Resistance
  • Energy Conservation
  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain
  • Visual Transmittance

Any suggestions for additional content?

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*Understanding how to perform a thorough/comprehensive review of the project specifications. Not only for the products, but for the execution. Insurance requirements, submittal requirements, performance requirements, etc.

  • Substitution requests

  • Schedule

  • Properly documenting what you included in your bid for when the job is handed off to Project Managers

*Building relationships with GC’s

  • Knowing what jobs to bid and what to pass