What features are most important to you?

Help direct what features we work on next by letting us what is most important to you!

Post your own ideas or vote on the ideas below. Here are some ideas:

Elevation Drawings:

  1. Ability to toggle unit of measure displayed in drawing – decimal inch (current), fractional inch, mm, cm, fractional feet & inch.
  2. Add receptor components around the elevation with a size that can be adjusted
  3. Control which component passes through each joint in the drawing.
  4. Add ‘False Vertical’ into a lite – useful for splitting lites
  5. Glass schedule – define the glass types to be used in a proposal, which can be selected in each lite in the elevation drawing
  6. Glass labels on glass lites – coordinate symbols with the glass schedule
  7. Color and opacity support for components – configure the color in the system configuration
  8. Support for pictures of hardware
  9. Represent 90-degree corner in drawings better (Angled Corner)
  10. Support out of plum/square
  11. Support radius/arches
  12. Inserting doors should be easier and more obvious
  13. Configure new components in the drawing – right now you must do this in the system configuration pages
  14. Export drawings to CAD files
  15. Display section images of frame components in elevation drawings
  16. Label frame components with the selected component, or differentiate in some way

System Configurations

  1. Make it easier and more intuitive to configure systems and modify existing ones
  2. Allow adding new components directly from the elevation drawing
  3. Allow configuration of doors to all users – this is only available to BidUnity admins at the moment

Other Miscellaneous

  1. Support for service jobs that can be integrated with the calendar
  2. Better support for change orders

Tell us what you think! What would you like to see next?

~The BidUnity team